Choosing the Right Colors for Your New Brand

Ok, this may be hard to hear.

Imagine you're starting a new business. Let's call it a law firm. You really love yellow. I mean, your house is yellow, your favorite fruit is a banana. You get it. I'm sorry to say, that yellow may not be the best color for your shiny new logo.

Branding colors are very powerful to an audience's senses, evoking certain feelings in all of us. Yellow, for instance, is cheerful and light. When most people see yellow they think of fast food chains or yoga studios. They do not think of a professional law service. Instead, choose a color that invokes stability, making the viewer feel like they are employing a true professional when they call you to handle their business.  Deep blues, greys and some maroon hues are perfect.

Take the time to consider your audience and their goals above personal preference when choosing the best colors for marketing your business. Choose something classic. Keep in mind that this color is going to be on everything you make public in your business. Brochures, website, signage design... everything.

Bottom Line: When you choose colors for brand marketing, you're committing to a feeling, not just a hue. Don't jump into anything without having a plan!