How to Make the Most of WordPress Websites

Have you ever wanted your own website, but were daunted by the challenge of learning how to code it?

WordPress is an intuitive and easy-to-use website that makes posting blogs as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document. With WordPress, you do not need to know HTML coding or JavaScript to have a stylish and modern website. However, it does help to know some basics of web design.  WordPress is user-friendly yet highly versatile, and can be used for the creation of highly sophisticated websites. Many world-famous companies and groups use WordPress to host their content, including The New York Times, Samsung, Best Buy, UPS and CNN.

Learn how to make your WordPress website the best it can be with these five simple tips.

  1. Post frequently. An active site is likely to appear higher up on search engines. WordPress has excellent web-optimization, making SEO (search engine optimization) easier. This makes it easier for others to find your website. Thanks to WordPress, you can focus more on your website’s content and less on keywords and meta tags. You can boost these results further by keeping an active blog. The more you update and post on your website, the better.

  2. Decorate your space. WordPress has a wide variety of themes to choose from. Themes are designed to function flawlessly on both computer and mobile browsers. While many themes incorporate paid services or charge a fee, others are completely free. Themes make it easy to design a website that is not only functional but aesthetically-pleasing.

  3. Make use of multimedia. WordPress is not only handy for text, but can be used for sharing images, videos and even audio files. Better yet, WordPress offers many tutorials on how to best implement videos and images into your WordPress website.  

  4. Don’t settle for boring pages. WordPress makes it possible to create intricate websites without knowledge of coding. Incorporate images, text boxes and buttons into your webpage design to further communicate your message and make your website shine. With WordPress’ features and your ingenuity, the sky is the limit.

  5. Take advantage of plug-ins. WordPress offers thousands of plug-ins to develop your website. These can be used to take your website above and beyond. With plug-ins such as QDiscuss and bbPress you can put in a forum, giving your clients an easy way to ask questions and share experiences. Image-sharing plugins like Photo Box and Photo Book Gallery allow you to have galleries and slideshows featuring your images. You can even embed Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites into your website.

Nimble Creative Group offers web design services for WordPress websites. With your input we can design a stylish and functional website for you and your business. Let us design and set up a website for you, then you can manage the website’s content with a user-friendly WordPress content management system. Here are some of our designs.

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