Is it Time for Your Business to Rebrand?

Your brand may be the face of your business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t use a lift once in a while. As trends, styles and tastes change, your brand needs to adapt in order to best suit a changing consumer base. This applies to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to international corporations.

Part of the challenge is keeping a brand recognizable and true to its core values while keeping it relevant. You don’t want your customer base to react negatively to the change (e.g. “I liked it better when the colors were blue and white”) and you especially don’t want your brand to be unrecognizable to your clients.

Here are some questions to consider before rebranding:

  • What feeling or message does my branding convey? Does it still convey the same feeling that it did when it was first created?

  • Does my branding look dated compared to the branding of my competitors or other businesses?

  • What is the most integral aspect of my branding? How can I update this without losing what makes it effective?

A good time to rebrand is if your business is trying to change its image to appeal to a different client base or because you offer a different line or products with a different appeal. For example, when Holiday Inn wanted to change their image from being a family-oriented hotel to an affordable luxury hotel for business travels, they rebranded. The charming script type was changed to a more professional sans-serif. However Holiday Inn still kept its signature H in the logo design with the loose, flowing strokes, and used it as their new brand image, replacing the orange and yellow icon from before.


Holiday Inn Logo Comparison.png

When branding, make sure you hire a graphic design agency that understands the trends and happenings in the current graphic design world and the process of branding. We at Nimble Creative Group, located in Newington, NH, can help you drive your business forward with a new rebranding, polishing your brand’s image with a fresh, shiny exterior while holding onto what makes your brand special. If you’re considering a rebrand, see our Brand Identity page for details and past successes.